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Kaz Psychic has over 45 years of experience in helping to resolve love triangle problems with great success.

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Kaz Psychic offers a special 'Love Triangle Resolution Service'

Kaz in offering a unique and exclusive to Kaz Psychic 'Love triangle resolution service', can help to resolve soul destroying love triangles in your favour, to mend and restore trust, to resolve betrayal, to bring your loved one to to you, to end the heartbreak and time wasting of having your life on hold or if you are a woman, also to end having your biological clock ticking out of time on any child bearing, to preserve family relationships, to get the commitment you have longed for throughout the harrowing time that the love triangle has spanned, to end the soul-destroying deceit, and to end the ongoing losses, broken promises and despair.

100% non-esoteric specialist love triangle resolving service

Kaz uses only 100% non-esoteric specialist modalities to achieve a successful outcome and unlike with esoteric services such as spells, there are no nasty negative karmic consequences to face and no one is forced to do anything against their own free will. With Kaz Psychic, you are in very good safe, caring and professional hands and surely you wouldn't want to risk entrusting your love future to the hands of anyone other than a true and genuine caring professional who really does, get results and via pure and ethical means?

Kaz's expertise and wisdom spans 45 years (up to and including 2020)

Kaz's very caring wisdom and expertise which spans over 45 years (as of 2020), so Kaz's expertise has well stood the test of time, and with no reported failures to date. If Kaz can't get a positive result for you, no-one can!

Client Testimonials

To read the testimonials of Kaz's happy and satisfied worldwide family of clients go here.

FREE GIFTS just for you!

Kaz likes to ensure that you always receive excellent value for your money too, so with every psychic reading or problem solving service you enjoy with Kaz you will receive amazing free gifts. With every psychic reading Kaz will send you a full colour Kepler Astrology chart of your choice. With every problem solving service you commission Kaz to undertake for you, you will receive 4 free full colour Kepler Astrology charts and a collection of specialist bespoke audio's, including the amazing IMALA life changing audio which cost over £5,000 to make.

To see what amazing free gifts are waiting for you when you consult Kaz Psychic go here.

Are you stuck in a love triangle?

Are you in an unfulfilling love relationship or marriage and longing to be with someone you have fallen in love with outside your marriage/relationship?
Are you in a sterile or loveless marriage and want to get out of it to be with someone you have met with whom you can have a more meaningful and satisfying love relationship?
Are you in love with someone who promises to leave another relationship to be with you, but never keeps their promise?
Do you want to leave your relationship or marriage for someone you love more than your partner but you are worried that your spouse will stop you seeing your children or that your children will turn against you?
Are you in an 'arranged marriage' with someone you do not love, and longing to be with someone else you have met, who is not from your same cultural or religious background or status and you fear being cast out of your community?

Love Triangles are heartbreaking to endure

All love triangles are distressing and heartbreaking, unrequited love hurts, time ticks away and you feel trapped in something that is squandering valuable time and losing you time with someone you love deeply.
Often there appears to be no resolution and the hurt and distress continues until eventually the chance to be with the love of your life starts to ebb away, the karmic window of opportunity never stays open indefinitely, so the likelihood is that a true soul mate slips out of your reach and dooms the pair of you to being stuck in unfulfilling or even sterile relationships.
Unresolved love triangles lead to greater heartbreak, resentment, bitterness, regret, plunging you into what seems like a bottomless pit of utter despair. you will feel that life is unfair and that you have been cheated out of what you have longed for, perhaps for many months or years, but in doing this a deep seated and ever growing resentment will set in and make you begrudge being with the person you are left with, this will drive a wedge between you that will in the end and in most instances, tear you apart. Can you afford to do nothing to help you come together with a more suited love partner and to end up in a life void of the fulfillment of being with the one you really love?

The self esteem problem

In cases where a married woman discovers that her husband is having an affair or a married man finds out that his wife is having an affair, this more often than now, results in the betrayal and breach of trust causing them to incur a low self esteem, in some instances, the wronged spouse will look for a way to save their marriage as opposed to just asking the cheating partner to leave the marital home. This insecurity only leads even more heartbreak because in essence, where there is no trust, there is no love and no relationship worth having. Trust is the basis of all good and positive love or marital relationships, without trust you are in an emotional wilderness. Many errant spouses capitalize on low self esteem in order to justify their cheating. Let's face it who respects a doormat? No-one!

Low self esteem can trap you in domestic Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome is an emotional, psychological and even physiological prison of utter despair, often from which it is perceived, there is no escaping from. You can also find yourself in 'Corporate Stockholm Syndrome' with a rogue and controlling employer!

Be sure to check out what Stockholm Syndrome can do to your life and love life go here.

Kaz can do much to help with low self esteem, and this involves telephone mentoring and coming onto Kaz's amazing self-empowerment programme.

For more information on relationship mentoring over the phone, go here.

For more information on Kaz's amazing Self Empowerment programme go here.

The Asset Trap

It isn't just low self esteem which leads to spouses wanting to save their marriage despite discovering that their spouse has cheated on them, breached their trust and betrayed them, there can be a whole host of other reasons, one being the "Asset Trap"this is where jointly owned assets, such as jointly owned homes. real estate or commercial companies and other material possessions and monetary assets, are seen as being too much to lose, and so the betrayed spouse not wanting to lose perhaps a lavish or luxury lifestyle, will seek to maintain their loveless unstable marriage by either turning a blind eye to the affair, sanctioning it just so long as the errant spouse remains in the marriage and agrees not to divorce them and to prevent against losing them their joint assets. Material and financial well being in some instances are of more value than love shared. These situations are deadlocks and traps that lead to living in loveless sterile marriages that are completely unfulfilling and can never be rectified by maintaining this stance and preference. If love is non-existent and the relationship even if cordial is also cold many couples in this predicament will live separate lives under the same roof, even with both partners having affairs in the end, and almost all of them will insist on sleeping in separate bedrooms, but is material and monetary well being worth staying in a loveless cold and austere emotionally void relationship for?

Kaz can break the deadlock of the 'Asset Trap' too!

Kaz can do a great deal to help with this issue, by way of breaking this deadlock so that everyone can move on and be with those who better fulfill their emotional and love needs. Call Kaz if you are the '3rd party' wanting to see your lover come to you or if you are the spouse who has been cheated on and want to see a mending of trust and of your marriage and an end to the extra-marital affair being indulged in by your spouse.

Tactical Warfare

Very often love triangles end up being party to 'tactical warfare' this is when things really do get very messy and fraught.

If a married woman, for instance, discovers that her husband is having an affair, it isn't long before things can go go down many main routes:

Tactical warfare

This is where despite the married woman/man demanding that their husband/wife ends their affair, they continue to see the 3rd party. Emotional blackmail is something many spouses in this position seek to use, perhaps threatening that if they don't end their affair they will either leave or ask them to leave the marital home and stop them from seeing any children they may have. Of course, this doesn't always work, but it works in some cases, but it is not a long term fix for many. This tactic is used by women mainly but men have also used this threat too, particularly in those who find themselves in an asset trap. When this fails as often it does, this will see the wronged wife/husband resorting to trying to undermine or frustrate the extra-marital relationship by often by what they perceive to be justifiably deceptive means.....

Tactical warfare via paranoia

Tactical warfare by deceptive means, such as censoring cheating spouses movements, asking them to account for where they are, what time they were there, demanding that their spouse surrenders their mobile/cell phone so that their claims as to their movements can be verified to prove or disprove that the affair is or isn't continuing

The betrayed spouse will soon start to try and inhibit the opportunities for their cheating spouse to see the 3rd party, perhaps booking endless holidays, cajoling their errant spouse into attending all manner of functions, events and get together's with family and friends, insisting where possible that they both work more from home as opposed to going out to their places of work. It isn't long though, before paranoia sets in and playing detective becomes party to a growing need to find out what their spouse is doing, with whom, where and when and to the point of obsession. Some paranoid spouses may go as far as breaking the law and putting a 'keygen' tracker on their cheating spouses mobile/cell phone, a GPS tracker on their car or other mode of transport owned/used by their spouse. The more financially well off who have been betrayed will hire a private detective to investigate and obtain proof of their cheating spouses activities.


Tactical warfare can often take a sly twist and cause the betrayed spouse to resort to 'Gaslighting' their cheating spouse.

This is where the betrayed spouse, if their spouse continues to have their extra-marital affair, despite demands to end it, will, in the first instance resort to using emotional blackmail, threatening to kick them out of the marital home, stop them from seeing their children, publicly disgrace them by telling family and friends, some betrayed spouses even resort to threatening to commit suicide if their spouse leaves them for the 3rd party.
The more spiteful will resort to 'Gaslighting'their cheating spouse and the 3rd party via the cheating spouse by using their cheating spouse as a yard stick to beat their lover with, and this is done by using even more devious means, such as 'playing the Ostrich' and acting as if nothing is wrong and insisting on say having their marital bedroom re-decorated, a new bed bought, renewing their wedding vows, buying affectionate Valentines cards for their cheating spouse, having perhaps, initially failed to send one as a punishment in the wake of their initial disdain and hurt. They will hope that their errant spouse will tell their lover about their spouse wanting to have the marital bedroom redecorated, a new bed bought, marriage vows renewed and the sending Valentine's cards again, will cause their spouses lover, to get angry, insecure and jealous, and dropping them into the trap of verbally debasing their lovers spouse to them, making themselves look like the vindictive and spiteful one. This is the oldest trick in the book, it is one of several 'Ace cards' betrayed spouses play, they hope for a massive row between their spouse and his/her lover. More often than not, this is exactly what is brought about and it can put an end to the affair. Playing one person off against another is typical of emotional tactical warfare.

But the Gaslighting doesn't stop there, some betrayed spouses will do things like book holidays overseas with their children and friends and exclude their cheating spouse, the exclusion being the punishment for having the affair, but to make matters worse, many betrayed spouses who Gaslight like this, will ensure that whilst they are away on holiday with the the children and friends, that the cheating spouse can't use the opportunity to see more of the 3rd party, so they encourage siblings and parents to make a point of descending on the cheating spouse so that they are confined to the marital home with little opportunity to see the 3rd party. Other betrayed spouses using Gaslighting tactics will resort to trying to undermine the self confidence of the cheating spouse, by verbally abusing them, saying things their cheating spouse things like 'you are no good in bed anyway' and 'what does your lover see in you, haven't they been able to see what I see and that is that you are past your sell by date now?'. Cruel comments can cut deep and emotionally scar. Things can get very nasty - scorned spouses can soon become bitter enemies. Many will seek to punish their cheating spouse.


Scorned Spouse

If you are in a love triangle where your lover or you (indirectly - via your lover) is having to contend with abuse from his/her scorned spouse, Kaz can do a lot to help, likewise if you have found your spouse or partner cheating and you want to save your relationship or marriage and stop your spouse or partner cheating, Kaz can also help, so why not give Kaz a call today and get the help you need to break an emotionally damaging love triangle? With Kaz on your side, there is no need to suffer in silence anymore!

When love relationships fail

Sadly so many love relationships go flat and become sterile amidst the domesticity of raising a family, paying bills and mortgage/rent, maintaining a home, working long hours, feeling obligated to put other people's needs first, all of which leaves you exhausted at the end of a working day and too exhausted to enjoy intimate relations with a spouse or love partner, but even without the exhaustion the mundane domesticity of life can also prove to be a passion killer, lets face it, when you are worried about having enough money to pay the bills and care for your children, it can be difficult to switch off to enjoy intimate relations, so this in turn invites some to seek romance outside of the home, a welcome escapism from what really isn't 'domestic bliss' anymore!

Making matters worse, the hobbies and interests of spouses and love partners, can often rob a couple of intimate time together and in all of this, can make you feel taken for granted and stuck in a horrid flat and unfulfilling relationship.

We are all only human, we all need love, affection, hugs, cuddles, intimate moments of pleasure, closeness and deep bonding with a loved one, so when all of this seems to wane in a relationship the temptation to reach outside of a relationship to someone who can offer this, is hard to resist.

Those stuck in abusive relationships where their spouse or partner is indulging in alcohol, drug or substance abuse, or is violent and aggressive will also find it tempting to find love, warmth, comfort and solace with someone outside of their marriage, but for many, it also leads to their becoming fearful of trying to leave their abusing spouse or partner amid fears of more damaging or violent reprisal.

Love triangles happen for a whole host of reasons but they are difficult to resolve without professional support.

Are you in a love triangle and identifying with any or all of this which you are reading here? If so then its time to call Kaz who can really help you and without resorting to damaging esoteric means such as spells and hexes. Kaz uses specialist non-esoteric services/modalities to resolve your problems for you, breaking a love triangles, included.

Esoteric workings and spells are not the answer

Many people in sheer desperation turn to spell and Voodoo practitioners hoping for a magic fix, only to find that in 9 times out of 10 these so-called magic or esoteric fixes will only serve to make matters many many times worse and lead to an eventual parting.

There is always a high karmic price to be paid for indulging in esoteric practices, spells, magic, Voodoo, hexes and curses, the price is loss and serious damage which is hard to repair and hell on earth to suffer the effects of.

Esoteric workings such as spells, hexes and curses, by design, attempt to force the will of other people and make them do things they would not otherwise wish to do, this is cruel and unethical. Two wrongs do not make a right.

The Yo Yo Lover

Some people leave their spouses for a third party outside their marriage and then a crisis happens at home with their children or their spouse who then resorts to blackmailing them piling on pressure for them to return to the family home and off back home they go, leaving the 3rd party in a heartbreaking void, this can happen repeatedly in a love triangle, in some instances, leaving all concerned feeling like they are living on the end of a soul destroying Yo Yo amid a Domino effect with hurt and emotional turmoil transferring down the line from one party in the triangle to another.

Kaz offers a special module of non-esoteric work to resolve Yo Yo partners to read more about this go here.

Modern technology helps catch cheats

Once a spouse or love partner discovers they have been cheated on, trust completely breaks down amid betrayal and hurt, and where there is no trust, there is no love and no relationship worth having. Catching a love cheat is easier today too, with the advance in technology seeing some spouses/partners using GPS tracking on partners cars, to track their movements, 'Keygen' tracking app's sent to a partner's mobile/cell phone to track and mine data and expose sexting, texting and other illicit communication between a cheating spouse/partner and their lover/a 3rd party. GPS tracking can track a person's every move when they are away from home, revealing their location to their spouse/partner at all times of the day or night. Sadly this all too often sees scorned spouses or partners turning up to confront their cheating spouse or partner and the 3rd party, with often devastating consequences which in some instances results in violence and people getting arrested by the police. Social media websites are another good source of catching love cheats, it also enables people to spy on others. Some scorned spouses will expose cheating partners on Social Media and this can make matters worse, feed paranoia, encourage trolling and harassment.

Whatever occurs in a love triangle it is destructive and it leads to loss and breach of trust which is often irreparable.

Does this sound like you? If so then you need to commission Kaz to undertake a solution and fast, before things spiral out of all control and you lose the love of your life. here is a solution ......

Kaz Psychic Love Triangle Resolution Service

If you are stuck in a love triangle and you want to have this resolved in your favour, then it's time to contact Kaz Psychic, whose unrivaled 44 years of expertise (up to and including 2019) in resolving love triangles using purely non-esoteric specialist services, will free you from your despair and heartbreak.

Why suffer when there is no need to?

Kaz can help to stop a partner or spouse from cheating, help mend trust, make a partner keep their promise to vacate a loveless sterile marriage to be with you, help protect relationships with children and family when a love triangle is resolved in your favour both with your children and family and that of the other parties involved in the love triangle.

No matter what the problems are or the angle they stem from, or for that matter, how complex and messy things are, Kaz has the solutions and the resolutions. There is no need to suffer in silence anymore!

To resolve love triangle problems Kaz uses the following non-esoteric specialist modalities (such as those listed below) in combination:

Remote Viewing

Remote Influencing

Psychic Detection

Mind Scripting

Life Path Alignment

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Mind Mapping

Soul Alignment

Relationship Mentoring

Brain Entrainment / Brainwave frequency therapy / Brainwave synchronization

Free powerful bespoke brain entrainment subliminal audio's

The gift of high power Brain Entrainment Subliminal Audio's come free with the work you commission Kaz to undertake, 'Love triangle resolution service,' for you, and these include the amazing IMALA Level 5,000 Universal Healing Audio which cost over £5,000 to make. This powerful audio will fix you and your partner on what is known as the soul mate brainwave frequency - the Solfregio frequency (639Hz, and help to bond you together for as long as you want to remain together. Go here for more information on this amazing audio. This is in addition to more bespoke audio's specifically designed to help the love triangle in your favour. You will also receive 4 free Kepler Astrology charts of your choice from the list on our 'free gifts page' go here to read the list.

AS free gift just for you from Kaz Psychic!

A free gift just for you!

You will receive a valuable free gift with each and every psychic reading or commission of specialist services, including relationship mentoring and coaching, which you commission Kaz to undertake.

Go here to read about the valuable free gifts on offer.

Your free gift can be a free' Astrological Compatibility (Synastry) chart' on you and a chosen loved one, and it will be emailed to you immediately after your psychic reading with Kaz too!

Birth data required to draw up your free astrology chart

Accuracy of Birth data - mission critical!

The following birth data is required to calculate the Synastry (astrological love compatibility):

(1) Full name (forename and surname)(ie. George Clooney).
(2) Date of birth (ie. 6th June 1976)
(3) Time of birth and please state Am or Pm) (if known) (ie. 11.30 pm, 2.15 am etc)
(4) Place of birth (to the nearest major town or city and also the country of birth) (ie. London, England, York England etc.

The time and place of birth are what determines what your ascendant or rising sign is, this is very important in all astrological calculations as you will read further down this page.

What if time of birth is not known?

If you don't know your true time of birth you can find this out by doing what is known as a birth time rectification and you can do this for free, on line by going to:

"The birth time rectification app"

Just a few hours out with the time of birth for Synastry (astrological love compatibility charts) can mean the difference between good compatibility and no compatibility, astrology is a specific science and the accuracy of birth data really is, mission critical!

Accuracy is of paramount importance, because your life and future depend upon it. Kaz is a perfectionist and likes to ensure you receive the best possible help, advice, support and excellent value for your money. If something is worth doing then it is worth doing properly or not at all, as far as Kaz is concerned (but of course Kaz is a Virgo!).

Optional Love triangle resolution mentoring consultations

These cost the same as a psychic reading , life solutions consultation or for that matter, any other consultation offered by Kaz Psychic (£20.00 GBP for 20 minutes + £1.00 per minute for each additional minute).Love triangle resolution consultations offer specialist expert guidance and support on how to handle difficult situations caused by the love triangle predicament you find yourself in, how to best handle the person you are in love with or the person you are trying to leave.

Kaz Psychic can be your secret love triangle confidante as well as your love and emotional well being consultant and counselor, calling upon the life long wisdom of Kaz Psychic herself and her 45 years of expertise (up to and including 2020).

Time Scale

Love triangle resolution work can be done to any strength you wish, this can be decided by the number of blocks and challenges, and also the level of inhibiting factors, the damage and emotional trauma you are enduring as a result of the love triangle or challenges you are enduring. There are 100 levels of power. Level one spans one full week (24/7 of work on Kaz's part) and is at level one intensity. Level two spans 2 weeks and is at level two intensity, Level three spans 3 weeks and is at level 3 intensity, level 4 spans 4 weeks and is at level 4 intensity and so on up to level 100. It is a question of what is affordable to you and within your own personal budget and choice. The choice is entirely your own. Of course, the higher the level the more intense the power. The difference in intensity is down to the fact that work done over a longer period is more multi-layered and reinforced and protects the relationship against more challenges which life may throw in its path.

Kaz always has time for you, because you matter and you are greatly valued. The work can span one week right up to 100 weeks, depending on what youpersonally require and decide - Kaz works for you so you are the boss!


The cost of Love Triangle Resolving work depends upon the level and intensity you choose to commission Kaz to undertake.

As with other specialist services offered by Kaz Psychic, Kaz's work is bespoke and tailored to your own personal and specific needs, requirements and affordability, more complex problems will take longer to resolve, need to be at a greater intensity and as a result will take more work to resolve, and also longer too. Naturally this will be reflected in the cost, so there is no generic price structure with regard to the work itself, because 'one size doesn't fit all', the cost will vary from one person to another. However, you will never be asked to pay what you cannot afford, and you are under absolutely no obligation to book any work.

Kaz cares because you matter. Call Kaz for a non-obligatory quote today you will be so glad you did!


Kaz Psychic works purely on a first come, first served basis, so love triangle resolution work is in high demand, but the work is not set rigidly to any specific or diaried time slots,

The service is a purely one on one service, and it is offered as a 'remote service' over the telephone and by email (for the purpose of sending you download links to audio files and e-books etc). So you get to enjoy the amazing benefits of the love triangle resolution work from comfort of your own home. No traveling and no travel costs either!

The work can/will start the same day/evening that you phone Kaz Psychic to commission the work.

Call Kaz for love problem solving

& Psychic readings over the phone:

Credit/debit card Psychic readings £20.00 (GBP)

- 20 minutes + £1.00 (GBP) each additional minute

Love problem solving bespoke to your own personal needs & budget.

Kaz cares because you matter

Pay over the phone using your credit/debit card

(Sorry Kaz does not offer psychic readings on your phone bill).

All major credit/debit card accepted.

Open 7 days per week: 12.00 pm - 12.00 am (GMT)

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Telephone Kaz Psychic for the psychic 01704 822 919 | +44 1704 822 919

Kaz Psychic accepts all major credit or debit cards with which you can pay over the phone for your consultation or to order specialist non-esoteric work to resolve your love and relationship problems

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All consultations with Kaz are over the phone so you can enjoy the benefits of Kaz's expertise from the comfort of your own home, no need for traveling or the expense of it!

Kaz does not work by email or Skype.


Before you commission any problem solving work with Kaz Psychic please read our FAQ page

Why continue to suffer the longing to be with the one you 'really love' in a soul destroying love triangle, or suffer being cheated on, or suffer feeling trapped in a loveless sterile marriage and all of the heartbreak of a love triangle when you can have Kaz resolve the love triangle situation you find yourself in? The time to call Kaz is now, you need suffer no more! Kaz cares and loves to help!

Telephone Kaz Psychic for the psychic 01704 822 919 | +44 1704 822 919

Call Kaz for love problem solving

& Psychic readings over the phone:

Credit/debit card Psychic readings £20.00 (GBP)

- 20 minutes + £1.00 (GBP) each additional minute

Love problem solving bespoke to your own personal needs & budget.

Kaz cares because you matter

Pay over the phone using your credit/debit card

(Sorry Kaz does not offer psychic readings on your phone bill)

All major credit/debit card accepted.

Open 7 days per week: 12.00 pm - 12.00 am (GMT)

No appointment necessary - first come first served!