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Auriculotherapy - Ear acupressure

A painless way to treat ailments by stimulating auricular (on the Ear) acupuncture points using pressure or probes

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Conditions affecting the physical, mental or emotional health of the patient are assumed to be treatable by stimulation of the surface of the Ear exclusively.

Kaz Psychic holds a BSY diploma in Auriculotherapy

Auriculotherapy, auricular therapy, ear acupuncture, or auricular acupuncture is a form of alternative medicine based on the idea that the Ear is a micro system which reflects the entire body, as represented on the auricle, the outer portion of the Ear.
In this article by Kaz, you will learn the mind blowing and fascinating facts about Auriculotherapy and how amazingly effective and beneficial it can be in healing all of your health problems painlessly.

Kaz cares because you matter.

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Reflexology and Iridology

Similar mappings are used in many areas of the body, including the practices of reflexology and iridology.

These mappings were not originally based on, or supported by any medical or scientific evidence, but rather clinical observation.

Auriculotherapy was first developed by the French neurologist Dr. Paul Nogier

Auriculotherapy was first developed by the

French neurologist Dr. Paul Nogier

Dr Paul Nogier

Auriculotherapy was first developed by the French neurologist Paul Nogier, publishing his results in 1957 with 'Treatise of Auriculotherapy'.

Foetal Homunculus

These developments were made using clinical trials based in a phrenological method of projection of a foetal Homunculus on the Ear for reference of complaints and points for treatment.

Barefoot Doctors

Dr. Nogier soon brought his discovery to the public, where members of the Chinese Army picked up the map and brought it back to the Barefoot Doctors.

Nogier - Father of Auriculotherapy

The Ear map in China then was developed according to the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine, however, Nogier is still known in China as the "Father of Auriculotherapy".

Vascular Autonomic Signal

Nogier went on to discover the 'Vascular Autonomic Signal', a distinct change in the amplitude of the pulse, easily felt with the tip of the thumb at the radial artery.

Ear micro system

The mechanism found by Nogier, would only produce a signal upon the introduction of new information to the patient's electromagnetic field. He was now working with the principle of matching resonance.
Nogier then found that he could use this signal to detect which of the points on the Ear micro system were active. This method is used in many applications of Auricular Medicine today.

VAS or Nogier's pulse

Auriculomedicine is a reflex method based on modifications of the Nogier pulse in response to stimulation.

Réflexe Auriculo-Cardiaque

The Nogier's pulse, called RAC in French for 'Réflexe Auriculo-Cardiaque' or 'Autonomic Circulatory Reaction'), corresponds to the English term VAS ('Vascular Autonomic Signal').

In practice, the physician tests the sensitivity of the sensors of the skin on the patient's body or external Ear.
With one hand, he holds an appropriate detector, and the other, it takes the patient's pulse.

Radial pulse

The patient's radial pulse is taken very carefully and requires a great deal of practice in order to be performed rigorously.
The pulse is conventionally taken with the thumb placed perpendicularly to the radial artery against the styloid process.

The VAS phenomenon

The VAS phenomenon is usually felt by the practitioner as a qualitative variation of perception of the pulse. It starts 1 to 3 cycles after application of a stimulus. This signal occurs without any alteration of heart rate and can last for 8 to 15 cardiac cycles.

Fine sensory perception instrumentally

Mechanical recording of the vascular signal perceived clinically by taking the pulse manually has not yet been objectively demonstrated. This demonstration is difficult, as it consists of trying to reproduce a fine sensory perception instrumentally.

Neurological reflex

However, it is clear that the Nogier pulse involves the autonomic system (sympathetic and parasympathetic).
Modification of the VAS is mediated by the unconscious autonomic nervous system and corresponds to a neurological reflex.

Groupement Lyonnais d'Etude Médicale (GLEM)

Until a device has been developed that is able to measure the VAS signal, physicians continue to learn the manual pulse taking technique.
Several schools now teach this technique. In particular, in Lyon, the cradle of Auriculotherapy, there is an association, the 'Groupement Lyonnais d'Etude Médicale' (GLEM), which provides such courses.

Three main schools of thought

There are currently three main schools of thought in auricular medicine:

Ear Acupuncture master points

Ear Acupuncture master points

Ear Map in Auriculotherapy and Auricular Acupucture

Ear Map in Auriculotherapy and Auricular Acupuncture

Auricular Ear Anatomy Chart

Auricular Ear Anatomy Chart

Chinese ear map

Chinese Ear map, which was developed from the original discoveries of Nogier, is a very full map of points.
Some of these points differ from Nogier's original map because of empirical variations though the years of application in Chinese Medicine.

French Auriculotherapy

Nogier was not satisfied with these inconsistencies between his map and that which the Chinese doctors had found, so he then went on to develop a theory of three phases.
According to this theory, for each stage of a how chronic a condition becomes, the points on the Ear will move. This school of thought is known as French Auriculotherapy.

German Auriculotherapy

Developments made in Germany primarily by Dr's. Frank Bahr and Beate Stritmatter have found the points on the Ear to be consistently in the same location, regardless of the level of chronicity.

German Auricular Medicine has developed into a highly precise system using frequencies to assess and treat conditions very specifically.

This form of the medicine has integrated the Chinese meridian system and has mapped each one on the Ear.

The use of a low level laser has been more widely used, recently in the German form.
Until 2002, the training in this form of the medicine was exclusively available to MD's in Germany.

Dr. Muriel Agnes

Dr. Muriel Agnes of the 'Vital Principle Institute'(VPI) brought Dr. Stritmatter to Canada in 2002 to train English-speaking health professionals.
VPI continues to offer the only German Auricular training in the English language.

A relatively new medicine, Auriculotherapy has not been researched as extensively as some other treatment methods; however, the research that has been done attests to its quick and profound results.

Dr. David Alimi

In the early 2000's Dr. David Alimi started conducting research with FMRI to prove the specificity of the micro system projected on the Ear.

Dr. Terry Oleson, PhD

Dr. Terry Oleson, PhD

Terry D. Oleson Ph.D.

In 1980, a double blind experimentally controlled research study at UCLA Pain Management Center's department of anesthesiology - UCLA School of Medicine, conducted a research study by Richard J. Kroeuning M.D., Ph.D. and Terry D. Oleson Ph.D.
This study reported in the medical journal, PAIN, verified the scientific accuracy of Ear diagnosis.
There is a statistically significant level of 75% accuracy achieved in diagnosing musculoskeletal pain problems in 40 pain patients.

Dr. Terry Oleson, PhD Auriculotherapy Manual

Dr. Terry Oleson, PhD Auriculotherapy Manual

The above book by Dr. Terry Oleson, PhD, is an essential book for all students of Auriculotherapy or Auricular acupuncture.

Ways of examination

In Ear acupuncture, holding the radial pulse has an important role as well as inspecting and palpating the Earlobe to diagnose the illness.
While inspecting, we determine whether there is an abnormal situation in the inspected area.
The same is valid on body parts.


Receptors get the stimuli of laser light, sound, pain, hot, cold, and smell, etc, and they let external and internal stimuli enter to the nerves.
These stimuli have to be converted to nerve signals, which have to be carried to the brain in order to be recognized by the brain.

Ear Brain Organ Diagram in Auriculotherapy or Electro-Acupuncture Therapy

Ear Brain Organ Diagram in

Auriculotherapy or Electro-Acupuncture Therapy

Ear - Brain - Organ Diagram in Auriculotherapy or Electro-Acupuncture Therapy

Auriculotherapy differs from Auricular Acupuncture

Auriculotherapy differs from Auricular Acupuncture, in that it does not use Ear acupuncture needles. Instead it will use probes or pressure being applied on the more accessible points, between the thumb and index finger of the Auriculotherapist.


The use of electro-acupuncture is another form of Auriculotherapy, but this involves the use of an electro-stimulus device like the one shown on the left of the above diagram, and there are many forms of these devices, some much more sophisticated than others, some pocket size, and some larger more professional clinical devices/machines. Some of the more sophisticated and newer machines are laser driven, like this one below:

The Physiolaser for Laser Resonance Therapy in Auricular Acupuncture

The Physiolaser for Laser Resonance Therapy (LRT) in Auricular Acupuncture

Hand held electro-acupuncture devices

Below is a more detailed picture of a hand held electo-acupuncture device:

Stimplus Electro Acupuncture Hand held device

Stimulus Electro Acupuncture Hand held device

Below is another example of a hand held Electro Auricular Acupuncture device, this model is often used in professional practice by Auriculotherapists:

Pointer Excel II Hand Held T.E.N.S. and Point Detector with Digital Display for Auricular Acupuncture

Pointer Excel II Hand Held T.E.N.S. and Point Detector with

Digital Display for Auricular Acupuncture

Pointer Excel II can be used for self therapy.

The Pointer Excel II is a new user-friendly hand-held device with digital display for location of acupuncture or trigger points. It incorporates an effective push button stimulation feature for immediate electro acupuncture treatment of the point or area immediately following its detection.

Location of the most accurate acupuncture points

The digital display helps the user to locate the most accurate acupuncture or trigger point easily, as the number increases with the lowering of the electric resistance of the skin (when a maximum number is reached, an acupuncture point is detected and electo-acupuncture may begin).
Self-treatment for electro acupuncture has never been so easy!

This new model has additional features, such as adjustable frequency from 1 - 16 Hz, and polarity reversal switch (for tonification or sedation). It is one of the most innovative hand-held stimulator's available in the market.

The use of stimulating Ear acupuncture pellets is also an effective way to receive Ear acupuncture.

Auriculotherapy Ear pellets

Often an Auriculotherapists or Auricular Acupuncturist will place tiny pellets, secured in place by an adhesive backing, on appropriate point on your Ears, this will facilitate ongoing stimulation of key points, post treatment, they will be left in place between treatments to advance the effects of any in clinic treatments given. Pressing on these pellets when they are in place, 4 to 10 times, will effectively provide a follow up treatment.

Below is a photograph of Ear pellets in place on key or appropriate auricular points on the Ear:

Ear Acupuncture using pellets

Ear Acupuncture using pellets

Electo-acupuncture needles

Below is a photograph showing very fine Auricular Acupuncture needles in place on key Auricular Acupuncture points on the Ear:

Ear Acupuncture using fine Acupuncture needles

Ear Acupuncture using fine Acupuncture needles

Stainless steel, autoclavable probe - no needle Acupressure

In Auriculotherapy, (no needle Acupressure) the use of a stainless steel, autoclavable probe, (like those in the picture below), are helpful. The ball tip is used to stimulate the Ear acupuncture or auricular points:

Stainless Steel Probes for Auriculotherapy

Stainless or Surgical Steel Autoclavable Probes for use in Auriculotherapy

Painless process

Ear Acupuncture, or Auriculotherapy is a painless process which yields amazing and lasting results and it can be used to treat all illnesses and diseases, and even addictions, such as drug and alcohol addiction.

More about Auriculotherapy:

What is Auriculotherapy?

Auriculotherapy is the stimulation of the auricle of the external Ear for the diagnosis and treatment of health conditions in other parts of the body.

Electrical stimulation of the surface of Ear reflex points

It is also known as Ear acupuncture or auricular acupuncture when the stimulation is achieved by the insertion of acupuncture needles, whereas the term auriculotherapy often refers to electrical stimulation of the surface of Ear reflex points.

Auricular acupressure or Ear reflexology

Specific points on the Ear can also be stimulated by manual pressure, referred to as auricular acupressure or Ear reflexology. Acupuncture points on the Ear can also be stimulated with lasers, magnets, and Ear pellets.

The basic concept in auriculotherapy is that nerves in the skin overlying specific areas of the external Ear correspond to specific parts of the brain which has reflex connections to the body.

Organo-Cutaneous Reflexes

Organo-Cutaneous Reflexes are activated when organic pathology in a specific part of the body induce reflex reactions in the external Ear, manifested as localized changes in tenderness, altered blood circulation, and electro dermal reactivity.

Cutaneo-Organic Reflexes

Cutaneo-Organic Reflexes are activated when specific points on the auricle (Ear) are stimulated in order to relieve organic pathology in another part of the body.
According to micro system theory, it is not that there are direct connections between the Ear and the back or the Ear and the foot.

Neurological reflex pathways

Rather, nerves from the Ear connect to reflex center's in the brain which send neurological reflex pathways to the spinal cord and then to neurons going to the spine or to the foot.

How is Auriculotherapy different from Acupuncture?

Auriculotherapy is typically considered one form of acupuncture, but there are both differences and similarities between the two procedures.

Energy channels

Acupuncture is a form of medical treatment involving the stimulation of acupuncture points located on energy channels extending over the surface of the body, these are known as 'Meridians'.

Taoism - Yin and Yang Meridians

From the philosophy of Taoism, there are six Yang Meridians and six Yin Meridians.
In classical acupuncture, it is the Yang Meridians that directly connect to the external Ear.
These energy lines of force are blocked or congested when there is some pathology in a specific area of the body.


Insertion of acupuncture needles into specific Acupoints can relieve the symptoms and underlying pathology of a particular health problem.

Meridian energy lines

Some of the Meridian energy lines of force connect to the external Ear, thus creating the field of auricular acupuncture.

Localized reflex system

Different perspectives of auriculotherapy focus not on the acupuncture Meridians but on the use of the Ear as a localized reflex system connected to the central nervous system.

What is the History of Auriculotherapy?

The earliest written records of Ear acupuncture date back to the 'Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine', a compilation of acupuncture procedures that were in practice in 500 BC.

Within this extensive text which covers a variety of acupuncture treatments, there is mention of specific acupuncture points on the external Ear for the relief of certain medical disorders.

However, the manner in which auricular acupuncture is practiced today in China is actually based upon more recent discoveries that occurred in France in the 1950's.

Traditional Oriental medicine

The Traditional Oriental Medicine practiced in ancient China included just a scattered array of Acupoints on the auricle for just a few health problems, whereas the current practice of auricular acupuncture shows a more complete organization of Ear reflex points that can be used to relieve many more health problems.

Egypt, Greece, and Rome

In the West, the earliest references to Ear treatments were referred to in medical records from ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.

Ancient Persia

The most complete descriptions of medical treatments through the Ear were recorded in ancient Persia.

Medieval Europe

A trail of evidence of the use of auricular stimulation for the treatment of sciatica back pain can be followed from these Persian records through medieval Europe through into modern France.

Europe, Asia, North and South America

Since the 1950's, the use of specific Ear points as a complete reflex system which can alleviate many health problems has been utilized by clinical practitioners in other parts of Europe, in Asia, and in North and South America.

Who discovered Auriculotherapy?

Whilst the earliest uses of Ear acupuncture points dates back to ancient China, modern applications of auriculotherapy are based on the work of Dr. Paul Nogier of Lyon, France, in the 1950's.

Dr. Paul Nogier

Dr. Nogier noticed a strange scar on the upper Ear of some of his patients. He found that all of them had been treated for sciatic pain by a local lay practitioner.
This woman had cauterized a specific area of the external Ear in order to relieve their low back pain.

Sciatica point

Dr. Nogier conducted a similar procedure on his own sciatica patients and found that their back pain was also reduced. He then tried other means of stimulating this "sciatica point," including the use of acupuncture needles, and found that they too were effective in alleviating sciatica pain.

A more comprehensive model

The brilliance of Dr. Nogier was in extending this one observation into a more comprehensive model.

Whole anatomical body

Dr. Nogier theorized that if an area of the upper external Ear is effective in treating low back pain, maybe other parts of the Ear could treat other parts of the body.
The Ear is said to represent the whole anatomical body, but in an upside down orientation.

Nogier's theory - inverted foetus

Nogier's theory contended that the auricle could be compared to an inverted foetus, with the head represented on the lower Ear lobe, the feet at the top of the external Ear, and the rest of the body in-between.

France 1957

This model was first presented to naturopathic practitioners in France in 1957, then spread to acupuncturists in Germany, and finally was translated into Chinese.

The Chinese seemed to have adopted the inverted foetus model of Ear acupuncture in 1958.

How is Auriculotherapy related to other forms of alternative medicine?

Auriculotherapy is considered one form of alternative medicine, which also includes acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation, homeopathy, and biofeedback.

'Complementary medicine'

All of these techniques are also referred to as Complementary Medicine, in that they are not only an alternative to conventional Western medical treatments, they can serve as an additional procedure which complements the practice conventional medicine.

Multidisciplinary complement of multiple treatment approaches

Auriculotherapy can reduce the tension, stress, and pain not fully relieved by other medical procedures, but works best when implemented as part of a multidisciplinary complement of multiple treatment approaches.

Relieve pain, stress and tension

Whilst Ear acupuncture is often used in conjunction with body acupuncture, auriculotherapy it can also effectively relieve pain, stress and tension when used by itself.

Is Auriculotherapy accepted by conventional Western medicine?

Whilst Ear acupuncture has been practiced in Asia for over 2,000 years and auriculotherapy has been used in continental Europe for the past 40 years, it is only recently been considered by most medical doctors in the United States.
Most MD's do not have sufficient information about auriculotherapy to make an informed comment on its effectiveness.

U.S. National Institutes of Health - 1997

In November of 1997, a consensus panel of the U.S. National Institutes of Health gave conditional approval of the practice of acupuncture.

Pain relief and addition treatment

They included an evaluation of those studies which supported the use of Ear acupuncture for pain relief and addiction treatment.

As more research accumulates on the efficacy of auriculotherapy, it is expected that even more physicians will acknowledge the benefits of it.

What is a micro-system?

The word micro-system has also been referred to as a micro-acupuncture system or a micro-reflex system.


The auricle serves as a micro system in that the external Ear is like a microcosm of the whole body, with one part of the body representing the whole body.


This phrasing distinguishes a micro-system from the macro-acupuncture system of Meridian channels which extend over the whole body and the nervous system connection of reflex pathways that inter-relate to different parts of the body.


Micro-systems have been reported for foot reflexology, hand reflexology, face acupuncture, scalp acupuncture, and iridology.

Ralph Alan Dale

The term Micro-system was first popularized by the acupuncturist Ralph Alan Dale of Miami, Florida.

What are 'Remote Reflexes'?

As with distal Acupoints in body acupuncture, the auricular micro-system can be used to treat health conditions in distant (remote) reflexes - parts of the body.

Pathological disorders

Stimulating points on the Ear can not only alleviate problems associated with nearby regions of the face and head, but it can also relieve pathological disorders in the chest, abdomen, lower back, and feet.

Micro-system theory

According to micro-system theory, it is not that there are direct connections between the Ear and the back or the Ear and the foot.

Reflex center's

Rather, nerves from the Ear connect to reflex center's in the brain which send neurological reflex pathways to the spinal cord and then to neurons going to the spine or to the foot.

What are Auricular-Somatic Reflexes?

The basic concept in auriculotherapy is that nerves in the skin overlying specific areas of the external Ear correspond to specific parts of the brain which has reflex connections to the body.

Organic pathology

Organo-Cutaneous Reflexes are activated when organic pathology in a specific part of the body induce reflex reactions in the external Ear, manifested as localized changes in tenderness, altered blood circulation and electro dermal reactivity.

Cutaneo-Organic Reflexes are activated when specific points on the auricle are stimulated in order to relieve organic pathology in another part of the body.

What is Somatotopic Inversion?

The inverted foetus pattern that is represented on the auricle is referred to as Somatotopic inversion.


The word "soma" means "body" and the word "topic" refers to a topographic "map."
The auricle is a map of the body in an inverted or upside down pattern.

What are Holographic Representations?

In holographic photography, (unlike conventional photography), one portion of the holographic negative contains an image of the whole holographic picture.

Waveform patterns of laser beams

This process has been used as an analogy for the auricular micro-system, whereby there is an echo resonance of wave form interference patterns, just as the waveform patterns of laser beams that interact to form a hologram.

What is the role of endorphins in Auriculotherapy?

The endorphins, endogenous morphine molecules that relieve pain in a manner similar to external opiate chemicals, have been used as one explanation for how auriculotherapy serves to relieve pain.

Opiate antagonist naloxone

Both animal research and human studies have shown that stimulation of Ear acupuncture points appears to cause the systemic release of endorphins.
Administration of the opiate antagonist naloxone partially blocks the analgesia produced by either auriculotherapy or by acupuncture.

What is the effect of wearing earrings?

A common thought that occurs to many people is to question the consequence of wearing earrings when they are located at auricular acupuncture points.
The classical location of earrings placed on the center of the Ear lobe occurs at the Eye point and has been reported to relieve visual disturbances.

The response of Ear reflex points to earrings depends on both the healing of the skin tissue where the Ear has been pierced and the type of metal used in the Ear ring.

Electrically charged ions

If the skin where the Ear has been pierced has not completely healed, the metal in the Ear ring can release electrically charged ions into the skin.

Negative ions

Whether those ions help or harm any pathology in the corresponding part of the body depends upon whether the metal is gold, which releases positive ions, or silver, which releases negative ions.

What type of health care practitioners provide auriculotherapy?

Auriculotherapy is conducted by two main practitioners, these being Acupuncturists and Auriculotherapists.

What health conditions are most helped by auriculotherapy?

Because every part of the external Ear connects through the micro-system remote reflexes to every part of the body, a wide variety of health problems are relieved by auriculotherapy.

Stimulating reactive Ear points

Almost all health conditions can be affected to some degree by stimulating reactive Ear points.
The most commonly reported uses of auriculotherapy have been for the control of chronic pain, detoxification from addictive drugs, relief of nausea, and reduction of hypertension.

How does auriculotherapy affect pain conditions?

Most chronic pain is due to myofascial pain, related to the constriction of the connective tissue surrounding muscles in spasm.

Maintenance of pathological muscles spasms

Muscles do not remain in spasm unless there are motor neurons causing them to contract.
Maintenance of pathological muscles spasms is due to pathological brain reflex patterns which keep spinal reflex re-initiating the activation of the motor neurons which cause muscles to sustain their contraction.

Somatotopic reflex system

By stimulating Ear reflex points that connect to the Somatotopic reflex system in the brain, the pathological brain patterns can be electrically reset stop the unwanted activation of spinal reflexes.

Somatotopic brain

Pain sensations that are due to irritated nerves can be relieved by the normalizing of pathological, hypersensitive reflex pathways that interconnect the Ear micro-system and the Somatotopic brain.

Hormonal release of endorphins

In addition to these neurological explanations, it is also theorized that pain relief from auriculotherapy is achieved by the hormonal release of endorphins into the blood.


From a traditional Oriental medicine perspective, pain is due to the blockage of Qi (pronounced chee) energy in the acupuncture Meridian channels, thus creating an imbalance in the macro-acupuncture system.

By stimulating specific Ear points in the auricular micro-system, bi-directional connections are activated in the body macro-system which lead to a balancing of energy and an increased flow of Qi.

How does auriculotherapy affect drug abuse?

As with pain control, explanations for the effectiveness of auriculotherapy in facilitating the reduction of drug abuse derive from both a Western neurological conceptualization and a Traditional Oriental Medicine perspective.

H. L. Wen

The first evidence of the power of auriculotherapy in reducing the substance cravings of drug addicts came from H. L. Wen of Hong Kong in the 1970's, and were expanded upon by Dr. Michel Smith, a physician who practices Oriental Medicine in New York City.

Lung Meridian

The Lung point on the Ear used to relieve addiction disorders is said to affect the energy of the Lung Meridian, which affects not only respiratory disorders but problems with detoxification.

Vagus nerve

A Western neurological explanation of drug detoxification with auriculotherapy is based on the observation that the concha area of the Ear which is used to treat addiction problems and represents the control of the autonomic nervous system through the Vagus nerve and through the hypothalamus of the brain.

How are other conditions relieved by auriculotherapy?

By facilitating a balancing of energy throughout the body macro-systems or by correcting pathological reflex center's in the brain, stimulation of the auricular acupuncture micro-system can lead to a homeostatic state whereby any form of stress or pain is lessened.

Stimulation of the specific Ear reflex points that correspond to a particular area of the body leads to either a reduction of excess stimulation or an enhancement of diminished under activity of the affected region.

The overall effect of auriculotherapy is to create a more balanced condition throughout the body.

Can one do these treatments on one's self?

Whilst the insertion of acupuncture needles into any part of the body requires approved training in acupuncture or medicine and the electrical stimulation or laser stimulation requires a comparable health care license, anyone can learn Ear reflexology.

By placing firm but gentle pressure on the relevant tender regions of the Ear, one can achieve relief of discomfort in specific parts of the body.

How difficult is it to learn auriculotherapy treatment procedures?

Because of the simplicity of learning the inverted foetus Somatotopic pattern on the Ear, basic mastery of auriculotherapy skills can be achieved in just a few training sessions.

"The Auriculotherapy" Manual by Dr. Terry Oleson

The Auriculotherapy Manual by Dr. Terry Oleson provides a detailed description of over 250 ear reflex points and presents specific treatment plans for over 200 health conditions in a manner that is both comprehensive yet easy to understand.

"The International Handbook of Ear Reflex Points"

The International Handbook of Ear Reflex Points describes these same Ear points in nine different languages in order to assist international communication regarding the location of these points.

Are auriculotherapy treatments covered by health insurance?

Whether auriculotherapy treatments are reimbursed health care providers or HMO's depends both upon the type of license of the practitioner and health insurance coverage of the client.


When billed as applied neuro-stimulation (CPT Code 97118) as part of a regular office visit, many health insurance agencies will accept auriculotherapy as a form of TENS (trans-cutaneous electrical nerve stimulation).

Health insurance

Only some health insurance companies accept auriculotherapy when billed as a form of acupuncture.

HSA medical insurance

Some private medical insurance companies in the United Kingdom may also cover this form of treatment, possibly a company like HSA Medical Insurance, but please don't quote me on this!

How long do the benefits of auriculotherapy last?

The range of responses to an auriculotherapy session are quite varied, but it is common that a patient suffering from severe pain will notice mild to marked reduction of their complaint following their very first session.

This reduction in their pain experience can actually improve for the next several hours after treatment, but the benefits often begin to subside several days after the first treatment.

With each successive treatment, the degree of pain relief usually becomes more and more prominent and the duration of pain relief progressively extends from several days to several weeks.

Smoking cessation and drug detoxification

With smoking cessation and drug detoxification, the benefits of auriculotherapy can last several weeks after just one or two auricular treatments.

How many treatment sessions are needed to help patients?

There is no set number of treatments for any health condition treated by auriculotherapy, but it is common that the severity of most conditions are moderately reduced by four to six sessions and greatly alleviated by eight to twelve sessions.

How many times per week are treatments provided?

The number of treatment sessions per week depends upon the schedule of the patients, as well as the severity of their health condition.
When possible, severe conditions can be treated on a daily basis, but many patients are not available to attend that often.

Typically, patients are given two treatments per week for two to three weeks, then once a week for several more weeks.
The frequency of sessions progressively decreases to once a month as the medical disorder becomes less pronounced.

How long is a typical treatment session?

Whilst the first auriculotherapy session requires greater time for an intake evaluation and patient history, a typical auriculotherapy treatment lasts for 15 to 30 minutes.

With auricular acupuncture, four to six acupuncture needles are inserted and left in place for approximately 20 minutes.

Trans-cutaneous auricular electrical stimulation

In trans-cutaneous auricular electrical stimulation, each Ear reflex point is first detected then stimulated for 10 to 30 seconds, requiring a total of 20 minutes for successively treating six to twelve points on each Ear.

How does auricular needle insertion compare to electrical stimulation?

Whilst both the insertion of acupuncture needles into the skin of the Ear and the trans-cutaneous electrical on the surface of Ear reflex points can effectively alleviate various health conditions, the effects from electrical stimulation usually produce more rapid pain relief.

Does it matter what frequency of stimulation is used?

Practitioners of Traditional Oriental Medicine usually stimulate body Acupoints and Ear Acupoints with an alternation of slow and fast frequencies, whereas followers of the work of Dr. Nogier use a frequency specific pattern that depends on different zones of the ear. 

Whilst stimulation frequency may have some impact, the location of the Ear point stimulated, is a more critical factor.

Is an electrical point locator necessary for detecting Ear reflex points?

In ancient China, electrical point locators were not available, and modern practitioners of Traditional Oriental Medicine do not usually use point locator to detect body Acupoints.
Nonetheless, more accurate localization of auricular acupoints is achieved by first detecting a point with an electro-dermal measurement device.

Unlike the wide spaced body Acupoints, Ear points are only a few millimeters from each other. Moreover, increased electrical skin conductance at an Ear reflex point is one of the primary indicators that there is pathology in the corresponding part of the body.

Greater electrical conductance at body acupoints is found whether or not there is pathology in any underlying condition.

What are Ear seeds or Ear pellets?

Small adhesive band-aids are often used to hold a small grain or a small metal ball onto a specific area of the Ear to allow for maintained pressure at that Ear reflex point.

What are the contra-indications for auriculotherapy?

As with other forms of acupuncture, there are few contra-indications for the use of auriculotherapy.

It is important not to treat any pain needed to diagnose an underlying problem, not to treat any pain needed to limit range of movement of an injured area of the body, not to treat women who are pregnant, and not to electrically stimulate the Ear points of patients with a cardiac pace maker.

What are the side effects that occur from auriculotherapy?

Because tenderness of Ear points is one of the primary diagnostic features of auriculotherapy, soreness on the Ear points stimulated, can sometimes continue for up to an hour after the treatment.

What are phases of auricular points?

Dr. Paul Nogier has described three different Somatotopic maps on the Ear in addition to the inverted foetus pattern which he first described in 1957.

Additional phase maps

These additional phase maps provide additional locations on the Ear for stimulating the Ear to relieve a given medical condition.

Signs on the Ear

When you see rough patches of skin, patches of flaky skin, pin points which bleed, or Red or Purple patches on the Ear, back or front, these are signs that the part of your body corresponding to these points in question, is ailing and in need of Auriculotherapy or Auricular Acupuncture to heal you.

Disappearing signs = healing!

Once the treatment has worked, the patches or red pin points will disappear! How amazing is that?!

Blood let

If you experience as 'blood let' on any of the auricular acupuncture points as a result of a treatment it means that effective treatment was forthcoming from the stimulation of that particular point and that healing will now take place.

Spots and patches

The Ears, as with the Eyes (Iridology), feet and hands (Reflexology) will be the first to tell you that a part of your body is ailing, and this is so, by the appearance of blood spots, flaky, Red or White scaly patches, dark Red or Purple spots and Black spots on the surface of your Ears, both front or back.

Cold to Cancer, Migraine headache to Multiple Sclerosis

Auricular Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy and Electro-Acupuncture/Therapy can be used to treat all illnesses and disease, from a Cold to Cancer and from a Migraine headache to Multiple Sclerosis. and also phobia's and addictions too!

I have often had Auricular Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy treatments myself and I have found them to be highly effective.

Dare2Care centre and BSY Group

I trained and graduated in Auriculotherapy with the BSY Group and the Dare 2 Care Centre in Liverpool UK, and found all courses to be highly stimulating and beneficial, not only for myself but those I have since taught this subject to and to those whom I have treated using Auriculotherapy.

Highly recommended

I can't recommend Auriculotherapy or Auricular Acupuncture strongly enough as an effective treatment of all that ails you or your family, and practitioners are usually very easy to locate in most parts of the world.

I hope this article will have enlightened you as to the fascinating subject and benefits of Auriculotherapy and Auricular Acupuncture.

Thanks for reading!

Bright positive blessings,

Kaz xx

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& Psychic readings over the phone:

Credit/debit card Psychic readings £20.00 (GBP)

- 20 minutes + £1.00 (GBP) each additional minute

Love problem solving bespoke to your own personal needs & budget.

Kaz cares because you matter

Pay over the phone using your credit/debit card

(Sorry Kaz does not offer psychic readings on your phone bill)

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