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Phone Kaz to find out whether you are with your true soul mate or a a Red Herring (fake soul mate/impostor)! Kaz is an expert in love astrology (Synastry).

Kaz has conducted extensive research into the astrology of love and love relationships, love astrology is known as "Synastry". The result of Kaz's extensive research is that she has discovered little known of ways to check if you are with your true and karmically intended soul mate or just another Red Herring Fake soul mate. It is a fact that only 1% of the world's population of couples are true and genuine outright soul mates who are karmically meant to be. No wonder then, that the divorce rate is so high!

Never dismiss the validity and value of Astrology and in particular astrological love compatibility (Synastry)

Sadly so many people dismiss the validity and importance of Synastry so they never check out if they are marrying their truly intended soul mate or a Red Herring, the end result is that they find themselves wondering why they are getting divorced and having to see their children living between two homes. Society as a result has become more secular and detached. The gender challenges of today's world fuzz the former accepted boundaries and it is making people bewildered and phenomenally challenged in finding that seemingly elusive karmically intended true and genuine soul mate.

Save yourselves the heartbreak of falling in love with the 'Red Herring' fake soul mate

Phoning Kaz with the birth data (see below for details of this) of both you and your partner be it before you go ahead and fall in love with them - which is a very wise move or, if you have already fallen in love with someone and you are wondering why , despite the feelings you each have for each other, things are not going as well as you might have liked, perhaps you might feel as if something is missing or that something isn't gelling, why the endless obstacles are in your path to challenge making things work, will enable Kaz to draw up an in-depth astrological compatibility chart (Synastrical report). This will reveal whether you are with a true and genuine soul mate who you were born into this lifetime/incarnation to marry and stay together with for life, or just another Red Herring/fake soul mate. Broken hearts don't always mend and who wants one anyway?!

You don't last over 45 years in a profession unless you are good at what you do!

Kaz's 45 years (up to and including 2020) of expertise speaks for itself, because let's face it, no one lasts 45 years in any profession or line of work, unless they are pretty good at what they do, so Kaz's expertise has well stood the test of time. Can you afford to entrust your love and relationship future to anyone other than a true professional like Kaz?

Kaz cares because you matter.


To read the testimonials of Kaz's happy and satisfied worldwide family of clients go here.

Accuracy of Birth data - mission critical!

The following birth data is required to calculate the Synastry (astrological love compatibility):

(1) Full name (forename and surname)(ie. George Clooney).
(2) Date of birth (ie. 6th June 1976)
(3) Time of birth and please state Am or Pm) (if known) (ie. 11.30 pm, 2.15 am etc)
(4) Place of birth (to the nearest major town or city and also the country of birth) (ie. London, England, York England etc.

The time and place of birth are what determines what your ascendant or rising sign is, this is very important in all astrological calculations as you will read further down this page.

What if time of birth is not known?

If you don't know your true time of birth you can find this out by doing what is known as a birth time rectification and you can do this for free, on line by going to:

"The birth time rectification app"

Just a few hours out with the time of birth can mean the difference between good compatibility and no compatibility, astrology is a specific science and the accuracy of birth data really is, mission critical!

Synastry - Astrological Love compatibility:

Synastry - charts the level of compatibility between couples, lovers, soul mates, twin flames, twin souls, boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, spouses, civil partners, friends, parents, children, siblings, relatives, work colleagues, and just about every other type of relationship, marriages and liaisons, it is a reliable way in which you can discover who is a 'Red Herring' soul mate and who is your real, true and genuine soul mate - Mr or Mrs really really really right! It can also expose a love cheat too!

Reduce the rate of divorce & marital discord

If more people took the time to check out the astrological compatibility (Synastry) of their relationships, before they became too romantically involved, there would be far less divorce, marital discord, and relationship failures, not to mention heartbreak and family breakdown, less single parents struggling to raise children alone, often with one side or other, shouldering the burden of responsibility for their children, with little or no support from the absent or estranged parent.

So how can astrology reveal who is your true soul mate?

Many astrologers believe that marriage is all about the 7th house, or a connection between the ascendant and the 7th house, but the fact is that this only shows the potential to marry, rather than who is the best person or the real and genuine, true soul mate, you were truly born into this life time to 'karmically' marry!

Why should I bother checking the Synastry (astrological compatibility) of my relationship - my parents and grandparents didn't bother and they stayed married and made it work?!

A question asked all too often of Kaz! A seemingly valid question of course! Sometimes couples appear to be happy together and getting along, but often, what goes on behind closed doors and out of the public gaze, is quite the opposite! Don't be fooled by appearances! The fact is that different generations of people/couples all had different values, expectations, astrological influences, social and parental conditioning, varying degrees of intellectual/academic advancement, Neptune played a part too, because Neptune determined much of our marital values and expectations, attitudes and viewpoints....

Marital generations of Neptune 24th July 1929 - 31st December 2000

Neptune in Virgo: 24th July 1929 - 3rd October 1942
Neptune in Libra: 4th October 1942 - 17th April 1943
Neptune in Virgo: 18th April 1943 - 2nd August 1943
Neptune in Libra: 3rd August 1943 - 23rd December 1955
Neptune in Scorpio: 24th December 1955 - 11th March 1956
Neptune in Libra: 12th March 1956 - 19th October 1956
Neptune in Scorpio: 20th October 1956 - 4th January 1970
Neptune in Sagittarius: 5th January 1970 - 2nd May 1970
Neptune in Scorpio: 2nd May 1970 - 5th November 1970
Neptune in Sagittarius: 6th November 1970 - 20th November 1984
Neptune in Capricorn: 21st November 1984 - 29th January 1998
Neptune in Aquarius: 30th January 1998 - 23rd August 1998
Neptune in Capricorn: 24th August 1998 - 27th November 1998
Neptune in Aquarius: 28th November 1998 - 31st December 2000+

Neptune in Virgo

Neptune in Virgo - Virgo is the martyr to a lost cause, in it until the bitter end, as it were, tolerant of what many would give up on long since. So those born in the periods of Neptune in Virgo tended to marry for life, quite literally for better of for worse, staying together even if marriages because sterile and oppressive. Marriage was more commonplace, few had intimate relations prior to marriage, they took their marriage vows very seriously and men were the dominant partner in most cases, the woman subservient to the man and few women were academic achievers, their lives were leaving school, and getting married, having children, cooking, washing, ironing, housekeeping, shopping and tending to their families, with me the breadwinners and calling all of the shots. Divorce in this generation of Neptune was taboo, so it seldom happened

Neptune in Libra

Bu the time Neptune in Libra came in to force, divorce was less taboo, Libra being ruled by Venus saw hearts worn in sleeves, the Casanova effect came in and Libra is the sign represented by the 'scales of justice' so those in this marital generation of Neptune sought balance and harmony, equality, and they had more of an inclination to justify being in their relationships, any imbalances and it was 'lets go our separate ways' so this generation of Neptune, saw many marrying twice and divorcing twice, in a large majority of instances only 3rd marriages worked. The frivolity of this trend was fueled by the notion that they didn't want to be the martyrs to a lost cause like their predecessors - the poor old Neptune in Virgo folks.

Neptune in Scorpio

This was the birth of the new age since Scorpio is about the subterranean and underlying forces, the mystical, the dreamy, the metaphysical, paranormal, para psychological, the attitude toward marriage was - 'lets live together see how we get alone', try before you buy if you buy at all' and incoming swinging 60's, was founded on this new age ethos. The Neptune in Scorpio folks, also disliked the prospect of being in unfulfilling, sterile marriages experienced by the Neptune in Virgo generation, but they also didn't fancy airing their dirty linen, as it were, in front of judgmental strangers in a divorce court, and the expense in monetary and material terms was not an attractive prospect either. Indeed it would be safe to say that the frivolity of their predecessors - the devoice happy Neptune in Libra folks, saw a tendency toward promiscuity, a contempt for restraint, a desire to be free, so living together, was a natural progression from the two previous generations of Neptune, It made more sense to just cohabit and just walk away if it didn't work out, no costly divorce and just move on to the next relationship. But of course this brought in more feral behaviors, less people having the stability of a legal marriage, or any pension rights in widowhood, more children in more broken homes than ever before, not to mention an ever increasingly secular society. Women's liberation was found on this new found freedom from attachment to oppressive wifely regimen's of previous generations of Neptune.

Neptune in Sagittarius

By the time this generation of Neptune came into force, many people were growing tired of not having stability and Sagittarius being ruled by Jupiter, the planet of business, wealth earning, commerce, long distance travel, were the folks that wanted to explore the world, travel, and then have a more settled but later in life marriage, they were more traditional and wanted traditional marriages, but they also didn't want the worry of a sterile marriage or a costly divorce and the loss of assets in the process, Jupiter was the influence here, and they didn't want to buy nice homes and wealth build only to have to divide it all up and start over either, following a broken marriage, so the era of the 'pre-nuptial agreement' was born, they married but to protect assets, both earned and inherited, they insisted on an all important pre-nuptial agreement. Sensible and level headed, why didn't previous generations think of this?! It took the influence of Sagittarius and higher intellect, to see the birth of this concept

Neptune in Capricorn

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn which governs beginnings and endings, these guys take no prisoners, they have no sense of danger either! They are the mountain goats who roam free and won't be tethered until it suits them to be and the foundation has to be solid as Capricorn is an earth sign of the Zodiac so feet on stable Terra-fir-ma is mission critical. These folks were often the children of single mothers, born in the era of Neptune in Scorpio, they were raised with their parents working at or close to home, so they had the notion that they must learn to be self-sufficient in case they ended up raising any offspring in the same circumstances as their single parent Mum or Dad, but by the same token, they craved stability too, but with caveats, no sterile marriage, no nasty costly divorce, often they had no assets to protect, so it was a case of roam until the right person came along and see where the adventure took you, but with a string of failed relationships along the way, commitment phobia by the end of this generation of Neptune had increased, and so careers started to get in the way of marriage and procreation. Capricorn can be a kinky sign and so gender bending was coming into play as people in this generation dared to go where few generations of Neptune had dared contemplate let alone go, before. For some folks in this generation of Neptune they were seeing as many endings of relationships as beginnings, the eternal roaming mountain goats was the new trend, no surprise then that they preferred to seek psychic guidance provided by the new age spiritual psychic generation of Neptune in Scorpio as opposed to the previous generations of Neptune.

Neptune in Aquarius

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet which determines the level of one's need for freedom or detachment. No surprise then that this generation will find relationships hard, the planet is on self destruct, and Aquarius is the explorer of the unknown, the pioneers of charting, unchartered territories, following on from the work started by those in the Neptune in Capricorn generation, who roam looking for the meaning of life and the universe, with their head in different dimensions and the blue touch paper lighters of Neptune in Scorpio for the concept of go it alone, explore and if you are lucky find what it is you thought you were looking for, the eternal lucky bag that dug deep into the changing psyche of the exploring and very inquiring mind. The Neptune in Aquarius folks are the pioneers of greater change and mental and spiritual evolution, they will be the space travelers, the mind expanders, the high brow intelligent, quick to learn and definitely with no inclination to be tethered to sterile marriages, risk divorce, risk raising children in single parent units, or dwelling on protecting assets with pre-nuptial agreements, assets are not easy to take with you into outer space! Gender neutrality is something that was emerging from the latter end of Neptune in Scorpio and even more so in Neptune in Capricorn times, so the unions of people in relationships will be very very different indeed. Intellect will be important and answers will be sought, questions will be asked, no one in this generation will want to be trapped when survival will be enough of a struggle. One click on the nuclear button and from this generation of Neptune onward, will look like the extraterrestrials in films like ET - if they are lucky enough to survive the radiation from the fall out of a nuclear war or bomb going off! Anything is possible and anything could happen, but maybe these guys are the aliens come back to save us - are we already in the future looking back on the mistakes we made int he past? Science is going to meet itself coming back soon! But new values of relationship and unions between people, will come with this generation as with the previous ones, watch this space!

Taking into account the trends in the previous generations of Neptune, you can surely see why we now want more answers, we are not going to want to run head on into a relationship if there is a risk of trauma and loss, so astrology and in particular Synastry (astrological love compatibility), is something that does provide the answers - 'will my relationship work or not?', 'have I found my true soul mate or is this just another Red Herring?' time to call Kaz to find out - Kaz is from the Neptune in Scorpio generation of Neptune, so no surprise that she has the inclination to see answers from this rather new age source!

Call Kaz to find out if you have the vital "Karmic Marriage Link" in the Synastry (astrological compatibility) of your love relationship and avoid a parting and unwanted heartbreak.

There is a little known of way in which to determine who is your real true and genuine soul mate and who is the 'Red Herring' or fake soul mate around you, This is a link which Kaz calls a 'karmic marriage link'.

A true and genuine soul mate is the one who you were born in this incarnation or life time to marry, Only with this person will you have a karmic marriage link in your Synastry (astrological love compatibility).

A Red Herring who very cleverly masquerades as your true soul mate and leads you down a negative path that leads to nothing but heartbreak. Be careful you don't fall for the Red Herring!

Kaz with over 45 years (up to and including 2020) of intense study into Synastry (love compatibility) has completed what is now her life's work in specializing in love and love relationships, Synastry and resolving love and love relationship problems. Kaz is therefore an expert you can trust if you want to ensure you are on the right track with the real Mr or Mrs Right and not a Red Herring bringing long term misery and heartbreak.

The choice of 'two' partners is a 'karmic marker' to note!

Throughout the 45 years (up to and including 2020) of Kaz being an professional astrologer, Kaz has noted a distinct pattern whereby at/around the time when a true and genuine soul mate or twin flame has come into someone's life, they have found themselves with a choice of partner, usually, two or more potential partners both/all showing an interest in having a relationship with them, be it a case of two new people coming in at the same time, or an ex-partner coming back, around the same time as a new person coming in! Whichever applies, there is always a choice of 2 or more, for a given period of time, and the length of time varies from one person to another.

The dreaded 'Soul Mate Test'

Not everyone consults an astrologer to see if they are with their true and genuine soul mate or whether they are with a 'Red Herring'. It would save a lot of wasted time and heartbreak if people did.

Many people misread the position they find themselves in too. In that more often than not, there will be far less challenges, blocks and obstacles in the path of a Red Herring relationship, so often people fall right into the trap of thinking that the Red Herring is their real soul mate, such is the 'Soul mate test'! Please don't fall for old trick as dished out by the universe!

As crazy as it may sound, there are a lot of harrowing and difficult challenges in the path of a true and genuine soul mate relationship, and this is by design in the 'Soul Mate Test'! The idea being that if these challenges are worked through, often with some serious perseverance, that at some time down the line, both parties will hopefully reach the conclusion that to have endured all of these challenges, blocks and obstacles, they must be with their true soul mate as they would not have wanted to persevere or endure these challenges, blocks and obstacles to be with anyone other than their true and genuine soul mate.

The 'Soul Mate Test' however is arduous, few can endure it, it is the challenge of a lifetime, so Kaz has devised a way to help you to endure this arduous 'Soul Mate Test' it is a specialist module of work called the "Soul Mate Test Resolution Module" performed by Kaz on your behalf which can not only identify your true and genuine soul mate, but also help you to overcome the many challenges, blocks and obstacles in the path of it, so that you can come out the other end in tact. This is the hardest test of your life, it takes serious perseverance, patience and stoic stamina to come through it, but many don't come through it, perhaps because they lack sufficient patience, ability to persevere, stoic stamina, or they just want the easier option (Red Herring), or can't cope with the time it takes to work through it. What is worth having is always worth fighting for and persevering with. Just because the fight is with a soul mate, it doesn't mean that you will always win the battle! But this is where Kaz's help could make all of the difference!

Are you trying to choose between two or more people as a love or business partner?

So when people are faced with perhaps the choice of 2 or more partner and only one of these choices of partner, sadly many pick what appears to be the partner with whom they have less challenges, obstacles and blocks to resolve or persevere with, mistakenly thinking that the absence of challenges, obstacles and blocks, is synonymous with them being with their true and genuine soul mate - wrong! If the wrong choice is made as a result of falling for this age old trick, then the real, true and genuine soul mate slips through your fingers and you will more often than not, end up suffering heartbreak perhaps from a divorce or an imminent parting. It is wise to work on the balance of opposites, in that often, the one you think might not be the right one, usually is the right one! As crazy as it may sound, the true soul mate is the one you will have the most challenges to overcome. Challenges that are by design, meant to bond you not part you or put you off! What challenges you also defines you! It's all about the 'psychology of perception'! Don't get fooled or tricked into thinking to the contrary!

Kaz's "Soul Mate Test Resolution Module" does not interfere with the path of karma, nor does it force anyone to do anything against their own free will, so rest assured you are in safe capable hands and not doing anything untoward in commissioning Kaz to undertake this module for you. All of Kaz's specialist problem solving modules are 100% non-esoteric. Kaz works in the realms of pure science not the dark arts of the esoteric!

Are you struggling to endure the Soul Mates test 428 x 627 minimised

Kaz Psychic - Soul mate Test Resolution Module

Soul Mate Test Resolution Module

There is of course, a hard way and an easy way to get through the Soul Mate Test" which really can make or break your soul mate relationship (these are thee most tested relationships of all). The easy way is to commission Kaz to undertake her specialist Soul Mate Test Resolution Module for you. This will protect your soul mate relationship from breaking or being undermined and make the path of this wonderful true love much much smoother. The hard way is to plod on and endure the hardest and most arduous test and struggle of your life with a risk of not seeing this challenging time (which can span many years), through to a positive outcome or enduring in the long term. Only 1% of the world's population of couples are true and genuine soul mates, so these are very important and rare relationships to have and they need preserving because they are thee most tested and challenged. Why risk losing what is so very rare for the sake of having the Soul Mate Test Resolution Module performed in order to safeguard and protect what is far too good and valuable to lose?

This is where Kaz comes in!

If you are faced with this very dilemma, the first thing you must do is to gather the birth data of both or all of the potential partners, and as mentioned above, this is the require birth data:

Birth data

(1) Full name (forename and surname)(ie. George Clooney).
(2) Date of birth (ie. 6th June 1976)
(3) Time of birth and please state Am or Pm) (if known) (ie. 11.30 pm, 2.15 am etc)
(4) Place of birth (to the nearest major town or city and also the country of birth) (ie. London, England, York England etc.

What if time of birth is not known?

If you don't know your true time of birth you can find this out by doing what is known as a birth time rectification and you can do this for free, on line by going to:

"The birth time rectification app"

Play the 'Crafty Kaz' trick!

You get into a random conversation about birthday's perhaps saying something like "I have this thing about birthdays, I like to make sure I remember them, so I have a lovely little 'birthday book in which I note everyone's birthday', when did you say your birthday was"?! (He/she may not have told you previously when their birthday was of course, but they will likely tell you for asking for it in this way!).

Then a day or so later you say to these potential partners "I was reading this really interesting article the other day, which reckoned that people born in the morning tend to be more productive in their work in the morning, whereas those born at night were found to be more nocturnal, and perhaps more the party and socialite type, more alive at night, I think I must have been born at night, because I am more the latter, what about you"?! More often than not the other person will tell you what time they were born, as a result!

Then you wait a few hours and you ask "Have you always lived around here, were you born here"?! Again, you will probably find that the other person will volunteer a truthful answer, giving you the full birth data you need!

Once you can get this birth data for the potential partners around you, or indeed one you might have been dating for a while, call Kaz and have her draw up a Synastrical report (compatibility chart), from which she can reveal to you, who your genuine soul mate or Mr/Mrs really really really right, really is, and who is the Red Herring!

Why is Astrological Synastry (Love compatibility) so important?

Only 1% of the world's population of couples are true and genuine outright soul mates, hence the high divorce rate and the struggle people have to find the right partner for them!

Astrological Synastry (Astrological love compatibility) is the only reliable way to determine who is the Red Herring around you and who is your real, true and genuine soul mate. You could consult every one of the world's psychics and no matter how uncannily accurate they are with a lot of what they tell you, there is just no way to tell if someone is with a true soul mate or just another 'Red Herring' fake soul mate and it would be highly unprofessional of any psychic to try and claim to know what is the case in this respect, without doing the Synastry and as a psychic of 45 years, up to and including 2020, even I would not contemplate psyching into the answer to this, I will 99% of the time intuitively know correct answer to this question but I prefer to do the Synastry to prove my integrity, after all your future love life depends on the accuracy of an answer to this question and that is not something to treat lightly. Play safe and let Kaz do the Synastry for you, and finding out the birth data is well worth the effort, it will save running the risk of heartbreak and an expensive and unwanted divorce!

Kepler, which is regarded as the 'Rolls Royce of all Astrology programme's is thee most accurate astrology programme that money can buy, Kaz uses Kepler for this very reason - only the best for Kaz's worldwide family of lovely and greatly valued clients!

Kaz will input the birth data for both you and your partner or choice of partners, this takes less than 5 minutes, and can be done during a telephone consultation with Kaz,

Kaz can then study the Synastry for you with each choice of partner, from drawing up what is called a Kepler generated Synastrical Compatibility Report.

Go here to view the Synastrical Compatibility report for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie view the 'category totals' or compatibility scores in each of 8 categories, these being:

1. Romantic and Sexual Attraction
2. Similarity of Interests and Temperament
3. Mutual Success and High Achievement:
4. Problem Solving, Communication, and Mutual Understanding
5. Mutual Kindness, Friendliness, Pleasantness, and Peace
6. Aggressiveness, Competition, Power, Success, or Violence
7. Adventurousness, Surprises, Disturbances
8. Shared Creativity, Imagination, and Inspiration

Kepler Astrological Compatibility Chart on Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie by Kaz Psychic

Click on the above picture to read the Kepler Synastrical report on the love compatibility

of Brad Pitt and Kate the Angelina Jolie as drawn up by Kaz Psychic

You will see from viewing this chart that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have the following scores:

1. Romantic and Sexual Attraction: 103
2. Similarity of Interests and Temperament: 29
3. Mutual Success and High Achievement: 209
4. Problem Solving, Communication, and Mutual Understanding: 25
5. Mutual Kindness, Friendliness, Pleasantness, and Peace: 154
6. Aggressiveness, Competition, Power, Success, or Violence 90
7. Adventurousness, Surprises, Disturbances: 102
8. Shared Creativity, Imagination, and Inspiration: 82

A genuine true soul mate match

Kaz's wisdom is that if a couple have a Karmic marriage link or true soul mate link in their chart, and they also score 100 or more, in at least 4 out of the 8 category totals, then this is a what constitutes a true and genuine soul mate match and who is the real Mr or Mrs Right for you!

A 'Red Herring' fake soul mate match

Red Herring relationships do not score well in the 8 category totals, they have less than 4 out of the 8 scoring over 100 and they don't have a karmic marriage link either.

It is interesting to note here that the higher the score in category 1. Romantic and Sexual Attraction, the more likely the attraction is one of lust rather than pure love, so it doesn't always follow, that a low score in this category is a negative one, quite the contrary! Synastry can be very complex!

As you will see from the 'Compatibility Scores chart' for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, they do indeed score over 100 in 4 out of the 8 category totals! Bearing in mind that Kepler rates the scores like this:

Above 150 is very high. This trait is VERY strong!
125 to 150 is above average. The trait is strong.
115 to 125 is slightly above average. The trait is slightly strong.
85 to 115 is average.
75 to 115 is slightly below average. The trait is slightly weak.
50 to 75 is weak.
50 or lower is VERY weak!

As for the 'Karmic marriage link' or true soul mate link in case of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, well they do have a karmic marriage link, but they have other aspects in their Synastry which undermine the success of their relationship.

Their marriage has some potential to work out OK, given the fact that they do have one Karmic marriage link or true soul mate link and they have 4 out of the 8 category totals scoring over 100! The Soul Mate Test Resolution Module would be vital to help overcome the damaging challenges Soul Mates face, it can prevent a parting or divorce and help to secure the relationship in the long term and without all of the trauma, challenges and drama.The soul mate test resolution module will do much to help.

If you relied on anything concerning the 7th house here though, you would be thrown off course as you can see, no such link is present in the Synastry of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie - Scary right? Imagine if these two people had set their store by the more traditional ways in which astrologers look for the potential to marry?The path of true and genuine true love is sadly never a smooth one but it is worthwhile with perseverance or having the Soul Mate Test Resolution module done for you to protect and preserve your relationship and counter any negative effects of this dreaded test! Challenges are meant to bond not part couples!

It is prudent to consider that it costs just £20.00 GBP for a 20 minute consultation with Kaz to check out your astrological compatibility with a partner, which is far cheaper than the high monetary (and emotional) cost of a divorce or parting. Which would you prefer to pay?! Always better to be safe than to be sorry! Prevention is always better than cure and it is more cost effective too!

Another interesting point to note on compatibility, is that your Moon sign is more important than your Sun sign when it comes to love relationships .......

Think of an egg in astrology by Kaz Psychic 626 x 417-min

Think of an Egg in Astrology - Shell, White and Yolk!

Think of an egg! .....

There is the shell of an egg as represented by your Sun sign (whatever your Sun was in at the time you were born (as revealed in your Astrological Natal chart) this is basically more representative of the outer or surface you and how you outwardly project upon the world and those around you, and as such peripheral considering that .....

There is then the white of an egg, and your ascendant or 'rising ' sign (as determined by your time and place of birth and as revealed in your Astrological Natal chart), which is like your secondary or abstract self, some people believe that we are more true to our ascendant signs than our Sun signs, this has rung true in the case of most people's natal astrology,

Finally we have the yolk of the egg, and this is represented by your Moon sign (the position your Moon was in at the time you were born - ie. Moon in Taurus), your Moon sign is the inner most emotional you, the deeper you, (the yolk is the deeper part of the egg), this is more important in relationship astrology. This is because it determines your emotional compatibility, how is this? Well, if your Moon and that of your partner are both in the same element (Earth, Fire, Air or Water) then compatibility will be greater. So a good match is, for instance:

Person 1: Moon in Taurus (Earth) with Person 2: Moon in Capricorn (Earth).
Person 1: Moon in Leo (Fire) with Person 2: Moon in Sagittarius (Fire).

Earth Fire Water Earth by Kaz Psychic  700 x 368-min

The four elements - Earth, Fire, Water and Air

The Four Elements

Of course, there are other factors to consider too and these are the 'interaction of the 4 elements:

Air and Air = Compatible - two of a kind!

Air and Fire = Fire makes Air hot, if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen!

Air and Water = Air makes waves in water - get Air in the liquid in a syringe and then try injecting it into someone and it might kill them, just as Air (wind) can if strong make waves on the sea and stormy seas which are turbulent are dangerous.

Air and Earth = Opposites attract but if there are low category scores in the Synastry or compatibility charts of couples, this can be a negative connection because Earth people like their feet firmly on the ground whereas Air people are flighty and crave some degree of freedom from the confinement and restriction an Earth sign may impose on them, given the opportunity!

Earth and Earth = Compatible - two of a kind!

Earth and Fire = Fire can be destructive to Earth unless the Earth can contain (like fire in a hearth). So if other aspects of the couples Synastry are negative, this union may lead to conflict.

Earth and Water = As long as there isn't too much water (as in a flood) and the Earth can absorb the water, this is good, as Water can nourish Earth.

Fire and Fire = Compatible - two of a kind!

Fire and Water = Fire heats water and makes it boil and scolding hot water can burn and harm, but the passion from the heat can be good in short bursts in some instances!

Water and Water = Compatible - two of a kind!

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Astrology reveals a cheating partner too!

So, the last thing you want to do is settle down with a partner with the potential to cheat right?!

OK well the first rule to ensure you avoid this gloomy and heartbreaking prospect, is to ensure that you are settling down with someone who is really compatible, and who has the above discussed elements in the Synastry with you.

The signs of a love cheat are:

Venus in a Fire sign (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are all fire signs). So if someone had their Venus in Aries, or Venus in Leo, or their Venus in Sagittarius then there is a potential to cheat!

Venus in an Air sign (Aquarius, Gemini and Libra are all Air signs). So if someone had their Venus in Aquarius, or Venus in Gemini, or their Venus in Libra then there is a potential to cheat!

Mars in a fire sign (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are all fire signs). So if someone had their Mars in Aries, or Mars in Leo, or their Mars in Sagittarius then there is a potential to cheat!

Mars in an Air sign (Aquarius, Gemini and Libra are all Air signs) So if someone had their Mars in Aquarius, or Mars in Gemini, or their Mars in Libra then there is a potential to cheat!

Moon in Gemini(Gemini is an Air sign). Gemini is the sign of the "Twins" there are two of them! Curiously in more cases than not, I have seen someone with their Moon in Gemini torn hopelessly between two lovers or partners, unable to pick one over the other and so they have cheated on one with the other!

Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are all fire signs) and also Air signs (Aquarius, Gemini and Libra are all Air signs) and both sets of signs are prone to thriving on constant change, moving from one person to another, craving stimulus from different sorts of people, hence there is a tendency to cheat.

Venus and/or Mars in Air and Fire signs are the most prone to looking outside their primary relationship for dalliances and flirtations. Air (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) and Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) need constant stimulation and change. They want to feel entertained and excited in love. This is particularly true of those who are pre-Saturn Return (younger than 30). Post-Saturn Return individuals with this natal chart signature are more likely to understand the benefits of commitment, patience and persistence and are less likely to leap at the site of something shiny and new.

Are they airy? Air is an element that needs to move, flow, have space and be exposed to new experiences and situations … constantly. Air signs get bored at the drop of a hat, and need to change, move, experiment and communicate. If your potential cheater has Venus and/or Mars in Air signs, they may be inclined to have more than one lover or relationship interest at a time. This is particularly true of Venus or Mars in Gemini, but both Libra and Aquarius are also inclined to “dabble on the side” as well. Air signs are motivated to cheat out of intellectual or mental boredom rather than because they are missing some kind of sexual passion or heat in their primary relationship.

Got fire? Fire signs are always on the look out for the next best thing. They want action, adventure, drama and torrential passion. If they’re not getting a steady diet of “wow!” with their main squeeze, they will generate fire elsewhere. Venus and Mars in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius may leap before they look, making a move and then later regretting their haste. They cheat because the opportunity arises and they hate to miss out on anything that offers fun or excitement.

The 5th, 7th and 8th houses concern love, romance, sexuality and relationships.

When Jupiter, Uranus or Neptune are placed natally in one of these houses, the individual may be more inclined to take risks or have a desire to push the boundaries in love and romance, so there is a potential toward cheating on a partner!.

So if someone has any of these placements below then watch out!:

Jupiter in Leo

Jupiter Libra

Jupiter in Scorpio

Uranus in Leo

Uranus in Libra

Uranus in Scorpio

Neptune in Leo

Neptune in Libra

Neptune in Scorpio

Moon in Scorpio people may also be inclined to cheat, and if you cheat on someone with Moon in Scorpio and they will hurt you badly, as they are prone to lie in wait, to effect serious vengeance. More murderers have their Moon in Scorpio than otherwise, so effectively they present serious risks, and more so if they also have their Sun in Scorpio or their Sun in Taurus, these people have the potential to kill mercilessly, and with little or no remorse too. It is not a good idea to trust someone with Moon in Scorpio, especially if there are other negative factors in their natal charts such as Mars in Virgo which can give rise to a very controlling and very overbearing person, a 'control freak' who may have a tendency to 'Gaslight' you!.

Jupiter can make some want to experience many different types and “flavours” of love, trying a little bit of everyone, just because they have a desire to expand and grow beyond pre-established limits and boundaries. Uranus in these houses instigates a need to rebel, step outside the box and push the limits in love and sex.

People with this placement want to experiment and be free, any kind of boundary in relationship makes them feel constricted and constrained.

Neptune in one of the relationship houses has a deep need for escape, salvation and spiritual connection through love — such a deep need that, in their desire to “merge” with anyone offering an escape from the day-to-day grind of reality, they may forget about any agreements or commitments that they have made.

Each of these planets can find other ways to express itself in the “love” houses, and the examples given above are only possibilities that may arise when the planet feels stifled or thwarted in some way. The more the innate energy of these planets is kept alive and active, the less need there is for the individual to act out in ways that may hurt the person they love, as well as prove self-destructive in the long run. The overall natal chart will indicate whether the individual has the self-discipline and maturity to harness the energy of these planets and put them to good use in more constructive ways.

Some women with their Sun in Aquarius are prone to cheat too, but why?

An Aquarian (a person born Sun in Aquarius) (known as the dreamer and wanderer in astrology) wants the unfettered right to do as she pleases. Government and religious institutions only serve to squash her freedoms, and they must be overthrown, they are freedom people, new age travelers, wild and often hard to tame! Its a case of down with the morality police, these folks can be judge and jury too, especially if they also have their Moon in Libra or their Venus in Libra! Aquarius is rule by Uranus which governs the person's level of need for freedom and detachment! The symbol for Libra is 'the scales of justice' hence they represent the judge and jury wherever Libra appears someone's birth chart.

Let's face it — rules are made to be broken, and who better to flout the laws of God than an Aquarius? If she wants to lay down with her neighbours’s husband or for that matter someone's wife, she will do it! Aquarians like to push out all of the boundaries, explore, experiment and have a unshackled existence, nomadic and inclined toward travel and change. But of course Uranus rules Aquarius and Uranus is the planet which determines ones level of need for freedom and detachment!

Independence means more than being able to move out of your parents’ house and pay your rent. It’s about expressing yourself in spite of society’s rigid constraints when it comes to Aquarian's!

As for the cuckold, well he ought to be liberated enough to be beyond antiquated notions of fidelity. Faithfulness is not about submitting only to your husband’s sexual desires. It’s about being true to your unique erotic impulses. To do otherwise is to court death, to be a caged bird yearning to explore the expanses of the heavens.

In a truly egalitarian society, we’d be able to sleep with whoever we want (consensually, of course). Is it any wonder that the dawning of the Age of Aquarius coincided with the 'free Love movement', the hippies and the unconventional nomadic new age travelers, feckless and wreck less but fun and carefree, the 'Tofu and Brown Rice Brigade'?! There are so many sexual opportunities in life! There’s nothing wrong with shacking up with one person, but why does the “couple” label have to have so many shackles?!

Here are some more indicators in that natal chart that may indicate infidelity in particular. Taken alone, however, these aspects do not guarantee infidelity:

Moon square Venus:
This is especially true for men with this aspect. JFK has this aspect, and he was known for his affairs, and lets face it, there is nothing more soul destroying than a love triangle, it is a sure fire passion killer for the one being cheated on and a serious breach of trust. Where there is no trust, there is no love and no love relationship worthwhile having.

The Moon and Venus are feminine planets, and often play a role in the kind of partner we desire.

The Moon represents our emotions and what makes us feel secure, while Venus represents how we give and receive love.When these planets are in square aspect to one another, our emotional needs are at odds with our needs and capacity to love. This can cause many problems, as it is difficult for the Moon square Venus native to have both needs fulfilled by just one person. For example, say you have your Moon in Aries square Venus in Capricorn: on one hand, then you would likely be emotionally fulfilled by aggressive, direct, and passionate people. However, aggression and passion to not “agree” with your Venus in Capricorn nature; it would be very unattractive to you, as Venus in Capricorn prefers shy, stable, drama-free mates. Also, we can think of this in terms of Synastry: if your partner had Mars in Capricorn, and therefore is in conjunct aspect to your Venus, you would feel a tremendous sexual attraction to your partner.

However, it would also mean that your partner’s Mars squaring of your Moon, would lead to heated arguments and hurt feelings. As a result, the native finds it difficult to find a partner who fulfills both their Moon and Venus needs, and might choose to have two partners: one who makes him emotionally secure, and one that makes him feel loved and attracted. This can also indicate a 'Madonna-Whore complex'; the native may have the inability to see his or her partner as both a nurturing type (moon) and a sexual being (Venus). To solve this dilemma, the native may choose to take on two partners in order to have these needs fulfilled.

Uranus in hard aspect (conjunction, square, opposition) to Venus/Uranus in the 7th house:

Uranus is the planet of freedom, rebellion, unpredictability. When in hard aspect to Venus or in the 7th house, the native craves freedom, variety, and excitement in relationships. It is difficult for these natives to “settle down” into a “normal” relationship because of many reasons. For instance, relationships might make them feel restricted, bored, or they may constantly crave “newness” in relationships. Its the initial feeling of getting into a relationship which excites them, so as time goes by, their interest may gradually decrease for their partner and their relationship. Bored of the everyday, “hum-drum” aspects of “regular” relationships, the Venus-Uranus/Uranus in the 7th house native may seek excitement outside the relationship.

Neptune in hard aspect to Venus/Venus in Pisces/Neptune in the 7th:

With this placement, idealization of partners in common. The native has an idealistic view of relationships and love in general, and is on a constant search for their soul mate. They daydream about their ideal mate, and the kind of relationships they envision are other-worldly. Real relationships, however, are difficult; they require a tremendous amount of work, compromise, and often include conflict. This is the precise reason why people with these placements have such a hard time with relationships. Real relationships rarely live up to the ideal relationships they often dream about, and when confronted with these realities, the native may choose to quietly exit the relationship, leaving their partner wondering where it all went wrong. People with these placements are attracted to the unattainable. When someone isn't yours, it is easy to keep the fantasy of them alive because you’ll never be confronted with the realities of a real relationship with them. This ties in to the fact that Venus in Pisces often find themselves in the role of the “other woman” or “other man”; they get all the romance and fantasy of a relationship without having to deal with the hard work that comes with it. Similarly, Venus in Pisces natives are sometimes described as “cheaters” for the same reason; if in a relationships, the “realities” of the relationship may push them away from their mate into the arms of another. Venus in Pisces will not be forthright about their infidelity, however; they are too concerned about hurting you to ever admit they were unfaithful. If confronted, Venus in Pisces may deny the infidelity with an innocent, “who, me?” approach. It’s rare for a Venus in Pisces to leave their mate; they’d rather you leave them than the other way around.

Venus in Gemini:

Gemini is a sign which craves variety and gets bored at the drop of a hat. In Venus, Gemini craves variety in relationships. This sign needs to move around, experiment, and communicate with others in order to keep itself happy. The sign Gemini is represented by the twins, which reflects Gemini’s dual nature. Indeed, you will often find Gemini-influenced natives having “two” of everything. For a Gemini Venus, this would mean having two relationships. Gemini is a mutable sign; they can adapt to different situations seamlessly, so they have the ability to flutter between two relationships with relative ease. Venus in Gemini are big flirts; Gemini is ruled by Mercury, so they certainly have the gift of the gab and are talented at winning people over with their words.

Moon in Aries:

This placement is often regarded as a “cheater aspect” because of Aries’ passionate, impulsive, “act before you think” nature. Indeed, Moon in Aries natives often disregard potential consequences for their actions in favour of instant gratification.

Mars in Aries

Mars in Aries also gives rise to a terribly bad temper because Mars is the warmonger of the Zodiac and Mars is also the ruler of Aries, so effectively a double whammy! This would be lethal if the person with this placement also had their Moon in Scorpio, run a mile in less than 2 seconds if you come across such a person, unless you are wearing a suit of steel armour!

Mars in Virgo

Mars in Virgo folks tend to be control freaks and want to have the upper ground, this can also give rise to discord, and potential infidelity! Add this to Moon in Scorpio and again you again have a lethal combination to avoid if you enjoy being alive and staying alive!

So, something to bear in mind when considering who to date, who to get engaged to and who to marry!

Of course it isn't as simple as saying "Oh my guy/gal has 'Venus in Gemini' so he will cheat on me! It is also a case of potential for cheating on account of low compatibility scores in the 8 category totals and the track record of the person's behavior since they started dating, perhaps in their teens or early 20's! This is why it is important to obtain expert guidance on the 'Synastry' of your relationship, and this is why a consultation with Kaz is a must do, and it, will always offer you expert guidance in this respect. Kaz with over 45 years of expertise (up to and including 2020) is now an expert in astrological compatibility - Synastry, in love relationships. So when you want to gain in depth information and clarity on your relationship Kaz is always Kaz is here for you and happy to offer you her unrivaled and expert guidance. To read Kaz's client testimonials go here.

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