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Nine for Danger mby Kaz Psychic - the uncanny significance of the number nine in world disasters such as the sinking of HMS Titanic, 9/11, 7/11, Lockerbie plane disaster and bombing, plane crashes, assassinations of people like John F Kennedy and other famous world leaders, ferry sinkings, Boston Bombing

Nine for Danger

Number Nine always seems to have some significance in all world disasters and tragedies in such an uncanny way. 9/11 being one example.


Karmic Astrology by Kaz Psychic - the astrology of karma or what is meant to be, pre-ordained to be, our souls evolvement as dictated by Saturn and Chiron

Karmic Astrology

'Karmic' or 'Evolutionary Astrology' is one of the most fascinating branches of astrology one could get into. Who were you?


Parallel universe - Fact of Fiction - by Kaz - Psychic - are there other worlds, life on other planets, do we live parallel lives

Parallel Universe?

Parallel universe, 'meta-universe' and 'multi verse' are one and the same. (Meta meaning 'after' or 'beyond'). Are we just one universe in existence ?


History of Remote Viewing by Kaz - Psychic - delve into the fascinating history of remote viewing and remote influencing as used during the Cold War by the US military and taught by veteran remote viewing trainer Lyn Buchanan, who is also a veteran remote viewer of the Stargate Project, the Stanford research institute SRI, the Monroe Institute remote viewing research laboratories, Kaz Psychic is a post graduate advanced level trained and certificated remote viewer and remote influencer as taught by Lyn Buchanan, read about other veterans of tjhe secret US military remote viewing unit and those researching remote viewing since the Cold War, Dr Harold E Puthoff - Hal Puthoff, Ingo Swann,Russell Targ, Dr Edwin May,Charles Honorton, Professor Jessica Utts

History of Remote Viewing

Remote Viewing is was US Military Mental Martial Art which was used during the Cold War by a secret US military Remote Viewing Unit and also the Stargate Project.


Body Language of Love by Kaz Psychic - your secret body language and codes which tell others how you feel about them and how they feel about you, is the attraction level mutual between you and that special person, soul mate, lover, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner. Are you with your real soul mate or is he or she an imposter, body language is the secret body code of love and attraction

Secret Body Language of love

The secret code of your body language reveals much more about the level of attraction between two people - what does your own body language say?


Kaz Psychic - History of Dream Analysis - Oneiromancy - the meanings of your dreams, what they tell you about the future, premonitions, emotional well being, past life trauma's, past life recall, prophecies for the future, secrets as revealed by your dreams, who you are, who you have been, who you are going to be, your subconscious state, secret coded messages from your subconacious, your own personal access to your own personal universe, dreams of love, marriage, family, lost loved ones, deceased loved ones, spirit world, future predictions, predictions of the future, true mental and emotional state, psychological disorders, travel, money, life, love, lovers, marriage, death, birth, rebirth

History of Dream Analysis

The fascinating origins of Oneiromancy (derived from the Greek words oneiros) - dream analysis. It is a form of divination based upon dreams.


Kaz Psychic - Remote Viewing Methods and Methodologies - Kaz Psychic is a post graduate advanced level trained and certificated remote viewer and remote viewer trained by Lyn Buchanan - Controlled remote viewing (CRV) - together with its derivatives--is probably the most widely known and practiced of the varieties of remote viewing methodologies. CRV was originally known as "coordinate" remote viewing, because the primary mechanism for targeting viewers was the geographic coordinates of the target's location. After the government program became public knowledge in 1995, the name was changed from "coordinate" to "controlled" to reflect the broader aspects of the methodology. CRV was developed beginning in the mid-to-late 70s. As SRI's research revealed the promising aspects of remote viewing, it seemed reasonable to explore ways to develop the skill that some people seemed innately to have in others who had not yet demonstrated the ability. Working closely together, Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann worked out a structured approach to remote viewing that promised to make the skill transferable and teachable. This method was used to train military personnel and government civilians to become effective remote viewers, and became a major RV (Remote Viewing) methodology employed for the last 11 years of the government program

Remote Viewing Methods

Remote viewing is not a form of psychic reading, it is a classroom trained method of obtaining detailed information on diverse subject matter using a set of strict protocols on paper.


Life Path Alignment, is a process, which works on revealing your unique talents and purpose in life. Often because of eternal conditioning we adopt false purposes and disown our true gifts. Life Path Alignment addresses, one by one, all areas and aspects of your life which are out of balance and where the energy is blocked. Areas can be family, health, finances, emotional life, sexuality, social life, recreation, cultural development, career, close love relationships, relationships with friends, work colleagues, vocation in life, karmic destiny, and so on. During the process of Life Path Alignment, Kaz , will identify which qualities you will need to manifest in every area of your life, to be on purpose. All emotions, thought patterns and stories will be addressed, which block the flow of energy in each area of our life. At the end of the sessions you have with us, over the telephone, short and long terms goals will be individuated, as specific actions to be implemented

Life Path Alignment

Kaz has helped many people the world over with her phenomenal expertise to manifest for themselves a positive and happy life and overcome the blocks that once stood in their way....


Remote Viewing Case Studies - read the success stories of happy and satisfied clients of Kaz whose lives have been turned around as a result of her expertise in remote viewing and remote influencing

Remote Viewing Case Studies

Read how remote viewing and remote influencing have dramatically and positively changed the lives of Kaz's world wide family of happy and satisfied clients.


Kaz Psychic - Expert on Soul Alignment - Soul Alignment is an intuitive spiritual healing modality and a very specialist one, which involves careful consideration of all aspects of your very being and your true karmic soul path as determined by your past life and future life sequences

Soul Alignment

Kaz with her specialist expertise in 'Soul Alignment' can give you the key to your soul, awareness and empowerment!

Positive change awaits you, come and see how....


Kaz Psychic - An Expert in Cosmic Ordering - Cosmic Ordering was something few people knew anything about until English broadcaster Noel Edmonds tried it on the advice of his Reflexologist when he had not worked since the end of his time on BBC Television's show "Noel's House Party" in 1999. He wanted a new and exciting challenge in his career, which had seemingly died at that point in time. Noel successfully manifested his dreams using the Cosmic Ordering Service and his interest in Spiritualism grew with this success. Noel, as a result of using the Cosmic Ordering service manifested the chance to work again and landed the role as host of a TV show called "Deal or No Deal", which re-launched him

Right Way to Cosmic Order

There is always a right way and a wrong way to do anything and everything, suffice to say that as with everything else, there is a right way and a wrong way to use the amazing powers of Cosmic Ordering, read how ...


Kaz Psychic - Expert on the History of Healing Crystals and Crystal Healing - As long as we have existed, we have had an affinity with natural stones, crystals, rocks and precious gems and gemstones.

The amazing History of Crystal Healing

As long as we have existed, we have had an affinity with natural stones, crystals, rocks and precious gems and gemstones.


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